Eric E. Cohen

Mechanicsburg, PA, USA


Mr. Cohen is an accounting technology futurist, one of the original founders of XBRL and a pioneer in accounting and audit technology and related assurance methodologies. A writer, teacher and trainer, he has taught accountants, academics, regulators, software developers and business people about the Internet, XBRL, standardized business reporting, audit data standards and electronic distributed ledgers, security and authentication, analytics, robotic process automation, ESG and continuous auditing. He has published hundreds of articles and columns for the business and academic press, and written or contributed to numerous books, including primary authorship of Accountant's Guide to the Internet, the first book about the relevance of the Internet to the accounting profession. An experienced global collaborator and standards developer, he works with a global network of specialists and academics in standards development relevant to the accounting and audit process. Mr. Cohen worked for PwC from May 2000 to June 2017, and served as its XBRL Global Technical Leader, supporting standards awareness, strategy, training and technical support. He represented the Firm to the AICPA’s numerous committees focusing on the emergence of analytics in audit processes, and contributed to numerous internal assurance technology-related projects.


Mr. Cohen is one of XBRL’s “forefathers”, working with his co-founders to encourage the AICPA to begin the effort now known as XBRL. Mr. Cohen is responsible for the broader data view of XBRL; he is originator and chief architect of XBRL’s Global Ledger Taxonomy Framework (XBRL GL). Mr. Cohen has served the international and jurisdictional XBRL organizations as chair of XBRL-US and numerous working groups, as well as serving as a trainer, teacher and speaker for XII and XBRL US. Currently, his technology consultancy, Cohen Computer Consulting, works with audit firms and blockchain start-ups to develop the future of the accounting and audit profession and related services.

As an ambassador of XBRL, Mr. Cohen has collaborated with virtually every organization developing detailed accounting and audit standardized representations, including the UN/CEFACT ECE, for which Mr. Cohen served as its global domain coordinator in accounting and auditing standardization, the OECD, developers of the SAF-T (Standard Audit File – Taxation), and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), developers of the Audit Data Standard. He is active in numerous International Organization for Standardization technical committees, actively participated in the development of ISO 21378:2019 from ISO/PC 295 Audit Data Collection, is vice chair of the Canadian mirror to the ISO/TC 307 Blockchain and Electronic Distributed Ledger Technologies effort and serves as international Convenor of the ISO’s ad hoc group on Audit Guidance. Mr. Cohen has collaborated with the standards community in developing broad XML-based security standards to encourage the secure and authentic flow of standardized data and is a named contributor to the World Wide Web Consortium’s XML Encryption Recommendation. He has also worked with the Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG) to develop standards for risk and controls (GRC). As a member of OASIS TaxXML, Mr. Cohen collaborated with the Netherlands and Australia as a co-developer of the concept of Standard Business Reporting.

Mr. Cohen currently sites on the NYSSCPA Digital Assets Committee and the PICPA Public Accounting Technology Thought Leadership Committee.

Mr. Cohen also actively collaborates with the academic community as a guest lecturer, providing workshops at the AAA National Symposium and engaging in and promoting research; he received the 2012 Best Reviewer Award from the AAA Journal of Information Systems. He is an adjunct professor for both Bryant University and Lamar University.

Professional Licenses/Certifications: Certified Public Accountant, State of New York

Professional Affiliations: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants, Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs

Education: MBA, Accounting/Marketing, University of Rochester Graduate School of Management (Simon School)

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